Principles of animation: Solid Drawing

A look at the animation principle Solid Drawing.

Principles of animation: Exaggeration

A look at the principle of exaggeration and how it can help your animations.

Principles of animation: Timing

Today my blog is all about timing in animation and how it effects other elements and principles.

Secondary Actions

In this blog I'm going to look into what the animation principle of secondary actions is all about

Principles of animation: Arcs

A look at how arcs can really help improve the fluidity of your animations.

Slow in and slow out

Todays principle is slow in and out. Hopefully this will people understand what it's all about.

Follow Through and Overlapping Action

A look at the animation principle Follow Through and Overlapping Action

Straight ahead and pose to pose

A look at one the two techniques used to create animations


The third of the animation principles, staging.


A look at one of the principles of animation, ANTICIPATION.

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