Straight ahead and pose to pose--

Todays animation principle is more a technique rather than an actual principle.

Straight ahead and pose to pose:

In animation there are two key ways of putting your animations which are as the title suggests, straight ahead and pose to pose.

Straight ahead is a technique where by the artist draws or poses the character and then moves to the next frame and repositions the character. They repeat this in till the get to the end frame of the action.

Stop motion is a great example of this, where by models are photographed a frame at a time. In fact stop motion can only use straight ahead as pose to pose requires filling in frames at a later point in time.

The pose to pose technique requires the artist to plan out the main poses of their character. These main poses are called golden poses, the vital poses needed to show what the character is doing.

For example a character is picking up a box. The first key could be the character standing by the box. The next key could be them bending down with their hands on the box. A third key could then be them standing again with the box in their hands.

With three main keys the artist can then start adding other poses called key poses and then the all the other frames which are called inbetweens.

There is no right or wrong way, in fact both techniques can be interchanged. Sometimes it’s easier to create something using straight ahead rather then pose to pose and vice versa. Most CG artist now use pose to pose as a starting base in creating their animations., although I do know of some brilliant animators who are happier doing straight ahead animation all the time.

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