Principles of animation Squash and Stretch

A look at the twelve principles of animation starting with Squash and Stretch.

Seperating the art of story telling from the tools we use to tell them

Stephen Fry on language

I just watched this fascinating video by Stephen Fry on the use of the English Language and how there are a lot of pedants who will criticise people for tiny grammatical errors. Luckily so far I haven’t had these people on my blog, I’m sure they’d have a field day.

I think a simple rule of thumb is if…

Is 3D here to stay?

old photo of audience wering 3d glasses


There seems to be a conflict of beliefs when it comes to 3D in
film and television. A lot of people are now…

It's time to start Blogging

Over the coming weeks I will be posting up various different tutorials and information on different aspects of both VFX and film making in general. 

For now you'll have to make do with this very bland post...sorry!


See you soon,



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